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I am living in my parent’s home after I inherited it. I don’t get a tax bill. Do I owe taxes on the property?
Everyone who owns a home who is below the age of 65 owes taxes to the County every year. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a bill. Sooner or later the County will find out and bill you for every year you did not pay, plus penalties and interest. Then, if you do not pay, they will foreclose on the property and sell it for what you owe and their expenses.

Can I work with the County to pay back my taxes over time?
Yes you can. Contact the Tax Assessor’s office at $$$ and make an appointment to make arrangements to pay. They will work with you if you pay monthly payments in a timely manner. However, if you do not, they will file suit against you to reduce the amount owed to a judgment. If you do not pay the entire amount at that point, they will list your property for sale at auction and sell it for the best price they can get.

Can I bid on my own property?
Yes, but if you can’t make monthly payments, how can you come up with the money all at one time to pay at the auction? The bidding starts at the amount that is owed to the County an goes up from there. If you are the highest bidder, you have to pay the entire amount by certified check within two hours of bidding.

If my property is sold at auction, do I have to move?
Maybe. It depends on what the new owner wants. You may be able to rent from him, but you may be sued for eviction. If you are sued for eviction and lose, you will have to move. If you refuse, the Sheriff will forcibly move you out.

Can I ever get my property back if it sells at auction?
Yes, but it will take money. If it is your home, you have up to one year to pay the new owner the amount he or she paid for the property plus 25% of that amount. If you pay it, you have redeemed the property and you now own it again.